Touring the Moon

After another great morning of yoga we loaded a big bus and headed Northeast into Lava land. 

Is this the waterfall capital of the world or what!?!

These craters are pseudo craters created by really hot lava puffing up and caving in. Our astronauts trained here in the 60’s.

I keep trying to tell you a lot of people simply do not understand the western toilet. Do not laugh. There way is much healthier.

Al and I straddled two continents at once. I went North America. He chose Europe!

On our way to more hot thermal baths the steam was not even struggling to release from far below and peweee did it stink. Sulphur. 

We love Iceland!


Northern most golf course in the universe. 

Alex is in! After another great morning of yoga and great lunch we headed for the golf course, of course. The terrain was a little like ATV, but who cares. Al didn’t play his best game, but that never matters. He l❤ved it! Mark loved the challenge as well.

Texas Bluebonnets!

We’re on on way back Sammy!

Eat, Drink and be poor

Everybody knows Scandinavia and Iceland are expensive. The high quality of life these countries boast comes with a price tag. This makes everyday goods and services quite dear indeed! 🤑

So, what can be done to enjoy a nice cold beer or any alcohol beverage? First of all, when you arrive and have collected your baggage, go directly to duty free. Never pass up a duty free. You might not partake in alcohol, but buy at least a couple of bottles of wine or fine chocolate anyway. People are going to be so accommodating you will be scratching your head for a gift. Wine is a wonderful thank you for the unbelievable hospitality you are guaranteed to experience.

What if you do partake?

We will use a beer for this example.

Let’s say a nice large beer is around $12.00. Happy hour helps getting it down to 7 or 8 bucks. An even better option is head to the youth hostel. Order up before happy hour ends and you can get that same brew for about $4.50 and enjoy the energy of beautiful young people. It’s a win win and you still have your own bar in your room.

Horsing around

Our Yoga retreat is continuing to be fabulous. Our instructor Sean is substituting for Donna and he is really good. He is based in Beijing. Most of the people are instructors, but we Texans are definitely holding our own and fitting in quite nicely. Thank you, Corine, for getting us ready.

Our instructor is teaching us many techniques. Here he is demonstrating “coiling from the core to the 5 limbs. I never thought of the head as a limb, but it is a fine way to think.

After a morning of Yoga we saddled up and went for a ride. I chose a moderate group and should have gone with the more advanced group. I still had a great time because the horses were gorgeous and our group is good. Icelanders adore their horses. They are a bit small, but NEVER call them a pony! The horses were brought over in Viking times and they have not nor do not accept any new foreign horses.

These horses work hard and have been the backbone of this country. They are treated like royalty. They remind me a bit of the Norwegian heste, but they really are their own breed.

During the filming of Game of Thrones, many horses were used and they were important “extras” in the production. For some of the close up scenes with taller actors like the Hound, computers were employed for a wee bit of photo alterations to make the horse and rider more proportioned. Requests to import foreign horses is absolutely denied for any reasons. Icelandic horses are healthy and suffer no maladies other horses have. In fact, if you bring your own well used riding clothes, you will be given outer wear to cover your clothes. These horses are loved and well protected!

I’ve been told they have a different gait, but my group was a bit timid and we never broke into a cantor or a run. The next group up did all of that and I hope to try again one day.

After a big day a few of us got take out fish and chips and had a grand picnic at my hotel, but not Jennifer. She chose to go ride some contraption pulled by the adorable dogs at our Yoga/spa center. She said it was a blast and she was amazed how much the dogs enjoy this off season dog sledding activity.

These dogs loved Jennifer as much as she loved them. Total puppy love!

Spending time in Akureyri, Iceland

Reykjavik was so much fun because it is a bustling city once the get started. Shops open around 10 or 11 and the young people were out all hours of the night. We travelled on to Akureyri for our Yoga workshop, but afternoons and evenings have been busy enjoying this Northern Jewel of nature and city.

The area reminds me so much of Scandinavia because it is absolutely pristine and every glance is incredible beauty. Here are a few shots of the area around our base before telling more about Sunday and Monday. We spent Sunday in North America and Monday in Europe without hardly traveling anywhere because of the fault line.

Akureyri is on the longest fjord in the country. It is Iceland’s second largest city, but it is in no way comparable to the city of Reykjavik. Sunday we visited an enchanting island for hiking, sightseeing and took a meditative walk through an area known for high energy and spiritual energy. The sun was out and the weather was perfect. The weather on this island is generally mild yet it is very close to the artic circle making it a wonderful place to explore. 

This is THE Big road! It can get very narrow in places and weather keeps drivers on their toes!

The mountains are volcanic and they are flat after much erosion since the ice age. This area does have a ski slope, but what is much more popular is to have a helicopter drop you off and just ski your way down. 😳

We took the ferry  to our island.  We walked and hiked around the entire island. Had we chosen to stay, there actually is a taxi service to get you and your luggage to your lodging. The taxis are tractors!


Beauty everywhere!

And Alex thinks Iceland has Texas Bluebonnets. They are a blue lupine, but they don’t call them blue bonnets. Can you find the elf in this bluebonnet photo? Hint. Bottom left corner. 

OK. I’ll enlarge the spot for you.

Akureyri, Iceland

We had a short flight north to Akureyri. We settled in our hotel, met other Yogis and have enjoyed a great city. Our Yoga retreat has begun and when I get time I will report on the amazing itinerary we’ve followed. 

The Yoga retreat is a purpose built studio remodeled from a tractor museum! They adore tractors here. We even hiked on an island where the only taxi service is tractors. The studio has a massage studio, spa and yoga space, but it also is base for a dog sledding business and that means we get to know some gorgeous dogs.

We haven’t used those hanging silks so ???

They provide everything we need including cold infused water. It is a wonderful place. I have even survived meditation and long poses. 😳

The scenery is gorgeous snow capped mountain scenes and the temps range between 45° and 57°. I kid you not, the sunshine makes it seem very nice and we have sunshine all day and night.

Here is just how light it is as after 11pm

Blue Lagoon Hot Thermal Baths in Reykjavik ✔️

We rolled out of bed into a van and headed to The Blue Lagoon with a few more Yogis. We enjoyed coffee, brekkie, the bath, facial salts and a wee bit of pampering. In about thirty minutes (noon) we will load up and head North to the other side of this island country. I imagine the pace in Akureyi to be slower and everything to be a bit more quaint as we wave bye bye to 2/3 of the population. We’ll see!

With over 200 volcanoes these mineral baths are a hit. The surrounds are rolling lava fields covered in moss. Don’t disturb the moss because it takes 99 years to grow a centimeter! 🙋

Constant construction everywhere we go. Tourist fueling this great playground. I’m glad to help!